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This world abounds in fruitless tales

That bind the mind and soul

With anecdotes that sooth what ails

But never heals its whole


We flounder as we walk through life

And follow crowd so poor

They seldom waltz the truth of strife

Those paths do them not lure


For truth is such a hidden trail

It calls to so few souls

For some the walk is like a jail

For seekers it makes whole


The walk of truth is lonely too

To find gems in the sand

But oh the joy felt by so few

is worth the race they ran


To find the answers few have asked

To dance with truth so pure

To find the paths so few have walked

Fulfillment – that’s for sure


To find truth is not state of mind

Its absolute and real

Its singular in source and shape

And there for all to feel


It takes the brave and strong of heart

To go where others cringe

To know whats right is biggest part

For truth that’s bad will singe


Be brave you sojourner of faith

Go bask where most just sleep

You’ll find what few will ever taste

So much that you will weep


Then walk that lonely path you find

But know this from the start

A chosen few are of this kind

Who choose the narrow part


Whoever seeks shall always find

Whoever knocks shall open

The arena of this is the mind

Whats shown on earth is token


But truth unveils you from the world

It sets your soul apart

It makes your steps oh so bold

It gives you glow of heart


So seek a way and know this true

What waits for you this day

The joy of seeing life anew

The peace to know the Way


Be blessed you sojourner of truth!







When Life does send its trials to you

Responses count for much

What weights are used should all be true

True for you to judge

If weights are not for righteousness

They usually serve just you

They’re set to make the others less

And make all those pay due

If righteousness is not your line

And self becomes your plumb

You set yourself for quite a time

You’ve set yourself for shun

We serve a Father up above

Who sees all that we do

He covers those that do Him love

Even when they’re few

When right of ruling He commands

We’re called to follow suit

We should do not bow to whims of man

Nor follow lowly route

We’ve seen Him act so many times

We know His Word is true

We know when He does draw the line

He makes for you to choose

But once you’ve chosen He will act

According to your choice

His judgement comes always in tact

You’ll know you’ve heard His voice.

Take stock of all intentions now

Before His judgment falls

For once its done you cannot bow

He will not hear you call.

Our Elohim is mighty now

He will not stand for wrong

Every knee will learn to bow

Each voice will sing His song

For those that wont – who think He’s naught

You’ll see soon who He is

His time is near… its very short

This earth and all ¬†are His…….

Choose wisely….choose Life…….its Eternal

Thirty days hath April

I’ve often heard it said

Day one has brought a thrill

I cannot go to bed.

Across the sea a challenge came

To poets far wide and far

To daily write a wordly frame

To write and be a star

So even tho am far away

I join with pen in hand

I cannot from the challenge stray

I’ve come to make my stand

To write for me is quite some fun

The words are liquid silk

To play with words and lines and pun

To me – its mothers milk.

So this is entry number one

And daily I will write

Till thirty rhymes are all but done

This is but pure delight.

South Africa is miles away

Across the sea so wide

But WordPress has now made a way

To close the great divide.

So let all poets now arise

And share their hearts and souls

To bring delight to young and wise

To challenge grandest goals

Happy writing!  Happy Reading!