Thirty days hath April

I’ve often heard it said

Day one has brought a thrill

I cannot go to bed.

Across the sea a challenge came

To poets far wide and far

To daily write a wordly frame

To write and be a star

So even tho am far away

I join with pen in hand

I cannot from the challenge stray

I’ve come to make my stand

To write for me is quite some fun

The words are liquid silk

To play with words and lines and pun

To me – its mothers milk.

So this is entry number one

And daily I will write

Till thirty rhymes are all but done

This is but pure delight.

South Africa is miles away

Across the sea so wide

But WordPress has now made a way

To close the great divide.

So let all poets now arise

And share their hearts and souls

To bring delight to young and wise

To challenge grandest goals

Happy writing!  Happy Reading!